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An Introduction to RC Helis 01Oct08

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Model Airplane News magazine has a nice video cast, The Radio Control Show Episode Three, that covers the basics of RC helis and how to fly a coaxial heli. It goes over the basics of the hardware and heli controls. If you are thinking of starting in the RC heli hobby this is a good show to watch.

Note: The show is streamed and cannot be downloaded. Total run time is 12 minutes.

Also see our Learning to Fly RC Helicopters Part 1 and Part 2.

Interview with Innov8tiveDesigns and Scorpion Motors 09Jul08

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James and Chris over at Inside Heli have a fantastic interview with Lucien Miller from Innov8tiveDesigns.com, US distributor for the Scorpion product line. Lucien goes into amazing detail on Scorpion motors and gives some information on upcoming products. This is a very informative interview and if you were not a fan of Scorpion before you might just be after listening to this. Inside Heli Episode #24.

Inside Heli is Back! 12May08

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The observant among you may have noticed that our podcast link to Inside Heli changed to All Things That Fly awhile back. This is because they changed the format of the show, as well as the name, from heli-only coverage to, well, all things that fly. I guess there was enough of an outcry over the lack of proper heli coverage so they have brought back Inside Heli. The show is on the same ATTF feed but now has Chris and James doing a separate show every week or two.

Episode #18 covers some nice topics for beginners including head speed and Episode #19 covers the Blade 400 and flight sims.