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Blade 300 X – Best Yard Flier Yet? 16Nov13

Posted by tanker in Advanced, General Heli.

Blade 300 XThe Blade 300 X has been out about a year now. Somehow we missed this one when it released. We have been looking for a good heli to fly in the yard where space is a bit tight but of course there is more space than inside and also wind and currents with which to contend. Most of the smaller nano helis simply can’t handle any wind and they are not great outside choices for us. The Blade 130 X is not bad in this environment but can still be a handful with a breeze and is also still quite small.

As the name suggests, the 300 X is larger than the Align T-Rex 250 but smaller than 450 class helis. The 300 X features the AR7200BX 7-channel DSMX flybarless control system for stability so makes it closer to a 450 class heli than the various nano helis but still comes in a BNF format.

We haven’t had a chance to get it into the air yet but will report back once we have.

See Blade 300 CFX – Even Better Yard Flier?


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