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Rave ENV Info 22Feb10

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Rave ENV 700Curtiss Younglood Enterprises finally posted the official info page for the new Rave ENV .90 helicopter. It has a bit more info for the nitro version than the electric version but the basic info is all there. They also posted the full manual that does contain everything you want to know. Unfortunately, the manual is in an inline viewer format (you can print it but only a page at a time) and not just a downloadable pdf. On the plus side the manual is very well done and covers all versions of the ENV as well as very good setup information.

Futaba GY520 Setup Video 12Feb10

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Futaba has a very helpful video on programing the GY520 gyro with the GYLink software. If you want to get up to speed fast on setting up the GY520 check it out. Note, you will need the separate Futaba PC Interface for GY520 (CIU-2 USB adapter) to use the GYLink software.

Synergy E9 12Feb10

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RC Heli Resource has some great photos of a new .90 sized electric heli, the Synergy E9. It is a dedicated electric heli based off their nitro model. It looks very nice with a tube driven tail and conventional flybar. The heli flies on 12S power and Synergy recommends the Neu 1920-1Y (510kv) motor and Castle Creations Phoenix ICE HV 160A 50V ESC.

Align T-Rex 450 Sport — First Look 03Feb10

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450 Sport

Align recently released its newest heli, the T-Rex 450 Sport. The heli came as a bit of surprise after the fairly new 450 Pro and Super Pro. What is surprising are the amount of changes the Sport introduces. The Sport is aimed at new fliers. It is not simply a 450 Pro with some plastic parts but a new design of its own with lots of metal. The Sport certainly builds on much of what the Pro introduced but it has a number of significant changes geared towards the new flier and the possible crashes those at that stage of their flying may have:

  • A new frame design that returns to the split frames similar to the T-Rex 450 SE V2.
  • The new frames feature a new layout that makes the servos easier to install and replace.
  • The relatively fragile Torque Tube and gears have been replaced with a traditional belt.
  • A beefier tail case to help it survive damage.
  • Thicker main blade grips and tail blade grips.
  • A handful of smaller changes.

450 Sport Frames

All in all the changes add up to a heli that is a blend of the SE V2 and the Pro. It is somewhat lower in cost but is also more durable. It does have slightly less performance than the Pro, but for its target market of beginning and intermediate heli pilots the 450 Sport has performance to spare. If you are new to heli flying and looking for a quality 450 class heli that is more durable and bit more timid than the 450 Pro then this may be a good place to start.

There is also the Super Sport combo package that comes with Align servos, gyro, motor and esc.


  • Length: 643mm
  • Height: 228mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 715mm
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 158mm
  • Motor Drive Gear: 134T
  • Main Drive Gear: 150T
  • Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 106T
  • Tail Drive Gear: 25T
  • Drive Gear Ratio: 1:10.7:4.24
  • Weight(w/o power system): 445g
  • Flying Weight: Approx. 770g

  • Accessories:

  • T-REX 450 SPORT Kit Set
  • 325 Carbon blades
  • RCE-BL35X 35A Brushless ESC
  • 450M Brushless motor