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RC Helicopter Magazines 20Dec09

Posted by tanker in Beginner, Publications.

There are a number of magazines available that cover the RC heli hobby. These are great for not only keeping up on the latest products but are also great resources for reviews and tips and tricks for the new flier and veteran alike.

RC Heli Magazine (http://www.rchelimag.com) — This is a great magazine that covers all RC Heli activities. Great reviews and setup information.

Model Helicopter World (http://www.modelheliworld.com) — Another good magazine. The only problem is it is a UK publication so some of the areas covered, and the ads, are not applicable to those of us on the other side of the pond.

R/C Model Aeroplane / RCM&E (http://www.modelflying.co.uk) — Another UK-based RC magazine. R/C Model Aeroplane is the U.S. version of RCM&E. As far as I can tell the coverage is identical only the name is different.  It has high quality reviews and build articles and usually a good amount of heli coverage mixed in with fixed wing. As with all foreign publications the only real problem is that some of the products and almost all of the advertisements are not useful for those in the U.S..

Rotory Modeler Magazine (http://www.rotory.com) — Another dedicated heli magazine that has been around over ten years now. It has some good articles but is not professionally published and, as a result, the editing and writing suffer and the layout is amateurish. You can buy the back issues in pdf format.

Model Airplane News (http://www.modelairplanenews.com) — They have produced some nice heli issues (summer and winter) titled Radio Control Helicopter. Hopefully they will do more. The regular mag usually has some heli coverage as well.

Radio Control Heli Pilot (http://flyrc.com) — Produced by the same folks that do Fly RC magazine, Radio Control Heli Pilot is a special publication dedicated to helis. They have done two issues so far.

Fly RC (http://flyrc.com) — Another primarily fixed-wing RC magazine but they do tend to have regular heli coverage as well.

RC Sport Flyer Magazine (http://www.rc-sf.com) — Another good magazine with light heli coverage. They cover a lot of electric aircraft so there is some useful crossover there as well.

Backyard Flyer (http://www.backyardflyer.com) — They occasionally have some heli coverage and also cover electric flying.


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