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KDE Direct T-Rex 700 Electric Conversion Kit 09Sep09

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KDE T-Rex 700 E-Conversion Kit

KDE T-Rex 700 E-Conversion Kit

KDE Direct now has a T-Rex 700 Nitro to Electric Conversion Kit available. It is three heavy duty aluminum pieces that converts a standard T-Rex 700 Nitro kit into an electric powered model. Overall it looks like a good design. It does not not include a new, lower tooth count, Mod 1.0 main gear, but they do now have one available separately. KDE Direct now sells a custom Mod 1.0, 115T Main Drive Gear of its own design. This is a highly recommended addition to any 700 electric conversion.

KDE also provides an install guide for their kit. Only very minor frame modifications are needed.

Also see their Electronic Pinion Support Upgrade as well as their custom Neu 1917H-N42 HP Brushless Motor.

[Updated: 17FEB10]