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Align Carbon Fiber Flybar Paddles — Review 29May09

Posted by tanker in Advanced, Products, TRex.
Align CF Paddles

Align CF Paddles

If you are looking to increase the responsiveness of your heli one of the first things to consider is your flybar and paddles. In general a longer flybar, lighter paddles, and larger paddles will provide a faster cyclic response. I had been flying my T-Rex 600E with the stock flybar and paddles and was looking for a bit more performance. I installed the Align 440mm Flybar (part# H60108) and the Align Carbon Fiber Paddles (part# H60143). The paddles are one-fourth the weight of the stock paddles, about 4 grams vs 16 grams, but are shorter so even with the 440mm flybar the total length is almost identical to the stock configuration. Without doing some math it is hard to say if the carbon paddles are actually smaller than the stock paddles but they seem to be perhaps a bit smaller (wider but shorter).

CF Paddle Installed

CF Paddle Installed

In flight I did not notice any change in hover or forward flight characteristics between the stock setup and the 440/CF paddles, but when performing aerobatics the difference was easily noticeable. Fast forward flight was not affected but cyclic maneuvers such as flips, rolls, and tic-tocs were noticeably faster. The change in cyclic response is not huge but the difference is certainly noticeable. This configuration may not be enough response for those doing hard 3D but for anyone looking to quicken the stock response these are a great choice.

Note: The white and black paddles are the same except for the color. The CF paddles are included with the 600ESP and 600NSP kits.

If you are looking for even faster cyclic response the Curtis Youngblood Super Stubz 5mm paddles are considered the ultimate in fast.


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