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Main Gear Case Upgrade for T-Rex 600E 16May09

Posted by tanker in Advanced, Products, TRex.

kde-direct-600main-gearKDE Direct has an interesting new upgrade part. It is an aluminum replacement for the main gear case of the T-Rex 600E. This new part allows you to use the main gear from the T-Rex 600N. The 600N main gear has fewer teeth (164T versus 170T) and is slightly thicker (taller). This gives more surface area for the motor pinion to bite into to help prevent the main gear from stripping. We have not had any issues with our stock T-Rex 600E main gear but if you are flying a high-power setup this is certainly some easy and cheap insurance.

Besides the KDE upgrade itself you will need a main gear from the T-Rex 600N and of course you may need to adjust your pinion to compensate for the change in gear rations due to the fewer teeth. If you do not have the one-way bearing removal tool you might want a new one-way bearing as well to drop into the new case.

KDE-aluminum-bearing-blocks-trex600eAnother interesting upgrade from KDE is their aluminum bearing blocks for the T-Rex 600E. If you are flying hard 3D these might not be a bad choice over the stock plastic blocks. Also if you are just starting your 600E build you might as well drop these in right from the start. KDE even includes the bearings.


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