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FlightPower EVO-TX LiPo — Review 27Jun08

Posted by tanker in General Heli, Products, Transmitters.
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I love my Spektrum DX7 transmitter but I am lucky if the battery that came with it lasts even a day at the field. This would not be so bad if you could charge it quickly but the trickle charger takes 24-48 hours to bring the battery back up to around 11.1v. What is worse is that the spare batteries I bought hold a charge for even less time than the original battery. (more…)

Torque Tube for T-Rex 500 05Jun08

Posted by tanker in News, Products, TRex.
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Torque Tube 500Align now has a Torque Tube for the T-Rex 500. It is of the same basic design as the T-Rex 600 Torque Tube. At the moment it is out of stock at most retailers but there are some out there.