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CellMeter-8 — Review 27May08

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CellMater-8It is always a good idea to check the voltage of your packs just before you put them in your heli for a flight. Sure you may have charged them at home or at the field but mistakes happen. With the low voltage warnings on most RC helis a low pack is not a huge deal but it is certainly not something you want to get as soon as you take off and flip over into an inverted hover! And if you fly fixed-wing a low pack can be disastrous.


Inside Heli is Back! 12May08

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The observant among you may have noticed that our podcast link to Inside Heli changed to All Things That Fly awhile back. This is because they changed the format of the show, as well as the name, from heli-only coverage to, well, all things that fly. I guess there was enough of an outcry over the lack of proper heli coverage so they have brought back Inside Heli. The show is on the same ATTF feed but now has Chris and James doing a separate show every week or two.

Episode #18 covers some nice topics for beginners including head speed and Episode #19 covers the Blade 400 and flight sims.

RealFlight Expansion Pack 5 11May08

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Great Plains released RealFlight Expansion Pack 5. It includes 13 new airplanes, four new helis, and three new sites. For heli pilots the best new goodies are the T-Rex 500 and the AH-64A Apache models. The T-Rex 500 flight model seems very good with blistering performance. The Apache flys like a real pig but is probably fairly scale although its pirouette (yaw) rate seems too low. The other two helis are the Synergy N9 and an autogyro. The new submarine base site is very interesting but you will need some good computer horsepower to render it well. You need RealFlight G4 to use this expansion.