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What Size Heli to Start? 18Apr08

Posted by tanker in Beginner.
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A common question from beginners is, “What size heli should I start with?” Of course in this case by ‘start’ we mean you have been through the basics of hover training and are ready to move on to a ‘real’ helicopter. The primary choices now are the 450-, 500-, and 600-sized helis. There are some that fit in between those sizes but the question is still basically small, medium, or large? (more…)

T-Rex 600 Torque Tube — Review 11Apr08

Posted by tanker in Advanced, Beginner, Products, TRex.
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Align’s Torque Tube for the T-Rex 600 is one of the first upgrades you should consider for your T-Rex. The Torque Tube replaces the entire belt assembly for the tail including the front and rear gearboxes. Instead of the belt a carbon fiber rod runs inside the tail boom and drives the tail rotor. This upgrade thus eliminates all issues with the tail belt including tightness issues, skipping, belt wear, noise, etc. The TT is virtually maintenance free once installed and all you will need to do is ensure the gears stay clear of debris. If you do have an accident there are of course replacement parts to get your TT back in action. (more…)