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Spektrum Deluxe Transmitter Case — Review 02Mar08

Posted by tanker in General Heli, Products, Transmitters.

Spektrum Deluxe Transmitter CaseAfter some delays Spektrum finally released its Deluxe Transmitter Case. The case is specially designed to carry the DX7, or other 2.4Ghz transmitters (and could easily carry FM-style transmitters with little to no modifications). The case is 12 x 16.5 x 6 inches in size and made of aluminum similar in design to the Align T-Rex 450 case. It is a strong sturdy case that will protect its contents from major drops and dings but is not made of solid aluminum so anyone falling or jumping onto the case would damage it.

The case is lined with foam and has a special foam insert that accommodates the transmitter along with a few miscellaneous small cutouts. The odd thing is that none of the cutouts are designed to fit the DX6/7 battery. You could put an extra battery in some of the other cutouts but it will not fit perfectly. Also the cutouts themselves, with two exceptions, are small and thin and I am not sure what they are intended to hold (many balancers would fit nicely). There is little area left in the case that you can use to make your own cutouts.

Overall the Spektrum Deluxe Transmitter Case is a nice case that will protect your transmitter and give you some extra carrying space but it could use a better designed foam insert.

Update: After using the case for a few months it has worked out fine but the foam insert is rather weak and some heavy items have crushed the foam more than I would have liked. Everything stays in place because of the the eggshell top liner but the insert should be stiffened. I have seen the JR case (maybe this one) and it seems like a better design. The radio sits on top with lots of room at the bottom of the case.

[Update: 2JUL08]


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