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T-Rex 500 — Now Available 18Dec07

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Align’s new T-Rex 500 heli is now arriving to customers. Initial reviews are excellent. The only issues so far seem to be about exactly what components to use. The stock T-Rex 500 accepts the smaller rudder servos but many are using the rudder servo mount from the T-Rex 600 to use a standard-sized servo for more authority. 2500mAh 6S1p packs are popular as is using two 3S packs from T-Rex 450s. In fact, the battery flexibility is one of the strong aspects to the 500. The Spartan DS 760 or JR 770 seem to be the preferred gyros because of their ability to handle higher (8v and 6v respectively) voltage. Interestingly, the Futaba 401 is being referred to as the more ‘sport’ choice for the T-Rex 500 and not the primary choice for those doing hard 3D.

Align has a torque tube upgrade for the T-Rex 500. It may be an upgrade worth considering early on.

As always, HeliFreak has some outstanding build and flight videos of the T-Rex 500 in the forums (registration required). TRex Tuning also has an excellent T-Rex 500 build article with videos.

Also see our setups page.

[Updated: 6JUN08]

RC Helicopter Flight Simulators 16Dec07

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RealFlight G4A RC Heli sim is almost a must-have item for any helicopter pilot. One can certainly get by without them but learning will take much longer and be much more expensive. Even professional RC heli pilots perfect maneuvers on the sim before going to the real thing. (more…)

Learning to Fly RC Helicopters — Part 1 08Dec07

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Getting Started — Ask ten people how to learn to fly RC helis and you will probably get ten different answers, but I think most people would agree on the first few steps. Certainly the very first thing to do is to ask yourself if spending $500-$1,000 on RC helis seems like a lot of money. If the answer is ‘yes’ then move along — this is not the hobby you were looking for. This is not to say that the RC heli hobby is crazy expensive but you are flying electronic things through the air and crashes, repairs, and general maintenance are inevitable. There is nothing more frustrating than to struggle your way into the hobby only to be constantly grounded for lack of funds. (more…)