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RotoPod Training Gear 08Sep07

Posted by tanker in Beginner, Products, Reviews.

An excellent way for new heli pilots to learn takeoffs, hovers, and landings is with training gear. The best choice in gear is without a doubt the RotoPod system.

The RotoPod comes in a number of models but for larger helis, such as the T-Rex 600, the large, carbon fiber version is the way to go. Smaller helis can probably get by with the smaller, wood legged version just fine.

RotoPod on TRex-600What makes the RotoPod gear special is that it has two modes. The initial mode looks a bit like a cone with the legs coming down from the central hub at an angle. The heli sits on a bracket attached to the central hub and is free to rotate and even pitch and roll a tad. This allows the new flier to check and get a feel for the heli controls before even lifting the heli off the ground. The wide, angled stance of the gear allows for less-than-perfect, but safe, landings. The RotoPod gear allows easy takeoffs and landings even in areas where the grass area is not very smooth and on conrete it provides some additional cushion for hard landings. The RotoPod allows for a safe landing at almost any spot.

After you gain a bit of proficiency you can lower the RotoPod so that the legs come straight out from the central hub. The heli can still rotate (yaw) and tilt (roll) a bit but now your blades are almost at the normal height from the ground. Once you feel comfortable with this you can then remove the training gear altogether.

I think the RotoPod was a great tool and it took much of the fear out of the first few takeoffs and landings. I highly recommend them to any new heli pilot. The RotoPod is available from most RC heli shops.


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